Weak Current Installation Engineering

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Weak Current Installation Engineering

The Weak Current Installation Engineering uses a series of high quality standard materials.

  The Weak Current Installation Engineering combines voice, data, image and partial control signal systems with a unified transmission medium in a modular combination. After unified planning and design, it is integrated into a standard wiring system.

  The Weak Current Installation Engineering organically connects the three subsystems of modern architecture, providing a physical medium for system integration of modern buildings.

  Features of the integrated wiring system for Weak Current Installation Engineering:

  1 versatility

  It can adapt to various computer and network topologies that conform to international communication standards, adapt to different communication speeds of communication speeds, and can support and accommodate the operation of various computer networks.

  2 modular

  In addition to the horizontal cable fixed in the building, all other connectors are basic standard components that can interconnect all voice, data, image, network and building automation equipment for ease of use. Relocation, change, expansion and management.

  3 Economical

  The use of a cabling system can reduce the number of managers, and because of the modular structure, the difficulty of the work greatly reduces the cost of changing or relocating the system in the future.

  4 flexibility

  The wiring system can meet the requirements of various applications, that is, any information point can be connected to different types of terminal equipment, such as telephones, computers, printers, computer terminals, electric fax machines, various sensor devices, and image monitoring devices.

  5 scalability

  The cabling system is expandable so that new devices can be easily expanded in the future for greater use.

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 about us

  Weak Current Installation Engineering and construction team: It has rich experience in installation and construction of weak electricity projects, and undertakes various weak electric engineering construction, integrated wiring, installation and debugging.

  With strength and rich construction experience, with more professional knowledge, and excellent technology, professional undertaking: monitoring, alarm, network, building intercom, access control, and other construction, integrated wiring, installation and commissioning. ...

  At present, the products are widely used in office buildings, factories, schools, hospitals, banks, enterprises and institutions. The company's main application systems are: access control system, remote network access control system, personnel salary and attendance system, parking system, patrol system, consumer food sales system, membership card management system, campus card system and so on.

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