Chiller Special For Factories

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Chiller Special For Factories

The quality of the Chiller for Factories is stable and the whole process quality monitoring is carried out, nuanced and comprehensive inspection!

Reasonable and efficient internal cost control, reducing expenses and benefiting customers!

Fast delivery and advanced production line, sufficient stocking, shortened delivery time!

Chiller for Factories are widely used in plastic, electroplating, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing, food processing and other industrial refrigeration processes where chilled water is required, or can be used in villas, restaurants, hotels, institutions, schools, factories, etc. The event space provides comfort in the air conditioning area.

The main components of the chiller are its four components: evaporator, compressor, condenser, expansion valve, in order to maximize the durability of the chiller, the cooling effect is good and fast, it must be technically improved, industrial The technology of chiller is the source of power for enterprise development. Only by insisting on innovation can it inject fresh blood into the enterprise, so that the company can stay at the leading low for a long time.

 Chiller for Factories

The application of chiller for factories is very extensive, and the applications in the following industries are the most:


1. It can be used in supporting vacuum equipment. Water-cooled chiller for factories also meet the needs of high-quality vacuum equipment, such as molecular pumps, small vacuum coating machines.


2. The chiller can be used with supporting experimental condensing equipment. Some instruments with the characteristics of high temperature and low temperature control, stable temperature and high condensation efficiency can effectively improve the recovery rate. At the same time, its fluid purification function can avoid microbial growth.


3. Use in supporting medical laser equipment. The unique water treatment features of this type of chiller make it an ideal laboratory equipment for medical laser equipment. This series of chiller for factories are also widely used in atomic absorption spectrometers, fermentation equipment, reactors, electrophoresis equipment, etc.


4. The chiller manufacturer uses the matching semiconductor laser equipment. Pressure, overheating, overload, delay protection and automatic start and stop, in addition to semiconductor laser equipment due to its special structure, the water quality requirements are relatively high.

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