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  • Pure Water Equipment Company

    Pure water equipment can be selected for disinfection: activated carbon pasteurization, CIP cleaning system, distribution system ozone sterilization, distribution system pasteurization, distribution system pure steam sterilization. (1) Design and manufacturing standards: The system is designed according to the latest Chinese, American and European Pharmacopoeia standards, complies with CGMP and GAMP specifications, and meets GMP and FDA certification requirements. (2) Modular design: The structure is more compact, and the operation and maintenance are simpler. (3) 3D simulation manufacturing installation, customers participate in the whole process, show the details in advance, and protect the customer's needs. (4) Humanized design, easy to operate. (5) Less than 3D, in special cases, adopt zero dead angle design; unique minimum point full net design.

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  • Pure Water Equipment

    Model: professional customization Water production: 0.25 tons / hour to 100 tons / hour Influent water quality: municipal tap water or well water Effluent water quality: pure water quality that meets customer requirements Conductivity range: 0.055μS/cm~10μS/cm Resistivity range: 1 Ω·m~18.2 Ω·m (20 ° C at normal temperature) Main features of pure water equipment: 1. High water quality and high stability 2. No acid or alkali regeneration, no sewage discharge. 3. Modular production and automatic control. 4. Continuous uninterrupted water production, no downtime due to regeneration.

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  • Pure Water Equipment Factory

    Fully intelligent operating system. Remote monitoring via network or mobile phone, starting or stopping the device at any time, making operation more convenient and quick The remote monitoring system is highly automated and requires only regular inspections. The device automatically detects the alarm function. Fully automatic detection, the device finds fault problems in time through SMS, voice control or light control alarm. Automatic reflow monitoring system. Whether the water quality is qualified after the equipment is produced, the water quality can be monitored by the monitoring system.

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  • Industrial Pure Water Factory

    The industrial pure water equipment system adopts the advanced RO and EDI purified water technology. The water quality meets the customer's production water requirements and meets the certification requirements of GMP and FDA. The overall humanized design of the system, modular installation, small footprint, simple and convenient operation, stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving. Widely used in pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, health care products, medical equipment and other industries.

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  • Reverse Osmosis Pure Water Equipment Factory

    Model: professional customization Water production: 0.25~200T/H (according to customer needs) Influent water quality: tap water, well water, ground water, and medium water (to discharge wastewater) Pure water quality: pure water quality that meets customer requirements Conductivity range: 0.1μs/cm - 10μs/cm Resistivity range: 0.5MΩ.cm -18.2MΩ·cm Control: automatic control / manual automatic switching

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  • Medical Pure Water Equipment Factory

    System configuration: US HYDRANAUTICS reverse osmosis membrane technology, US PARK pretreatment system, Denmark GRUNDFOS water pump, Germany Siemens electronic control system. Water quality standards: Meet the AAMI/ASAIO hemodialysis water standards recommended by the American Association for the Advancement of Medicine, in line with China's YY0572-2005 hemodialysis water industry standards. The bacterial endotoxin removal rate is ≥99.9%. The bacteria and endotoxin removal rate is 100% after the automatic heat disinfection device is installed. Scope of application: It is applicable to various blood purification centers and can be equipped with various brands of hemodialysis machines.

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