• Air-cooled Chiller

    Air-cooled Chiller

    The air-cooled chiller has energy saving, high efficiency, safety and environmental protection, reduces the user's comprehensive cost, reduces environmental pollution, and achieves the comprehensive treatment effect of green environmental protection and energy saving gain.

    Air-cooled chiller Scope: Products are widely used in injection molding, electroplating, electronics, chemicals, hardware, food, fish farming, bleaching, sauna and cold water bath and other industries.

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  • Chiller Manufacturers

    Chiller Manufacturers

    Our screw chiller refrigeration range: 62kw to 3672kw chilled water effluent temperature adjustment range: 5 ° C to 20 ° C.

    The chiller adopts the independent refrigeration system design, the multi-head unit is relatively independent, the moving parts are minimized and the operation is reliable.

    The imported high-efficiency economizer semi-closed twin-screw compressor has high energy efficiency, reliable operation and long service life.

    Under the minimum load (25%) of each refrigeration system compressor, the star-to-turn triangle step-down starts, effectively reducing the starting current and the impact on the grid.

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  • Kuenling Scew Chiller

    Kuenling Scew Chiller

    The Kuenling screw chiller adopts the internationally excellent 5:6 rotor high-efficiency twin-screw compressor as the refrigeration core, equipped with high-quality and high-efficiency condenser and evaporator, supplemented by precise PLC computer control system, and assembled by elaborate processing. This model is a special model introduced by our company. The price reduction is not degraded. Before the machine leaves the factory, it can only be manufactured after strict testing by the test platform. The quality is our constant adherence.

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  • Screw Chiller

    Screw Chiller

    The screw chiller electronic control system adopts high intelligence PLC and PC level microcomputer control system. Responsive, precise control, automatic loading and unloading, timed on/off and recording of fault causes, and remote or central monitoring.

    Time delay, water shortage protection, water flow protection, high and low pressure control and display, temperature control and display, overload protection, phase loss reverse phase protection, antifreeze protection, fault display, automatic water replenishment and interlocking control circuit.

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  • Industrial Chiller

    Industrial Chiller

    The industrial chiller adopts various explosion-proof methods such as explosion-proof, increased safety, intrinsic safety, positive pressure, oil filling, sand filling, non-sparking, pouring and airtight, so that the unit can be used in flammable and explosive places.

    The refrigeration heart of the industrial chiller adopts full sealing and low noise, low vibration, high efficiency and energy-saving imported brand-name compressor. The electrical control adopts imported famous brand originals. The heat exchanger adopts shell-and-tube condenser, which has high heat exchange efficiency and is easy to clean and maintain.

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  • Taiwan Kuenling Chiller

    Taiwan Kuenling Chiller

    Using R134a refrigerant, R134a is an HFC working fluid and is an internationally recognized environmentally friendly refrigerant.

    Adopting Hanzhong two-stage magnetic suspension centrifugal compressor, the performance industry is leading.

    High-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor with refrigerant cooling, with an efficiency of up to 97%.

    The high-efficiency airborne liquid-cooled inverter has a harmonic distortion rate of less than 5%.

    Efficient falling film (spray) evaporator, high efficiency shell and tube condenser.

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  • Price Of Chiller

    Price Of Chiller

    Professional industrial design of chiller, thickened fins and copper tubes, built-in high pressure, low pressure, automatic pressure regulation, overload, delay and interlock control protection device,

    All protection devices are realized by separate components; the famous brand compressors and electronic control components are selected, the common type control precision is ±1 °C, and up to ±0.1 °C on demand.

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  • Hot
    Chiller Special For Factories

    Chiller Special For Factories

    The quality of the Chiller for Factories is stable and the whole process quality monitoring is carried out, nuanced and comprehensive inspection!

    Reasonable and efficient internal cost control, reducing expenses and benefiting customers!

    Fast delivery and advanced production line, sufficient stocking, shortened delivery time!

    Chiller for Factories are widely used in plastic, electroplating, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing, food processing and other industrial refrigeration processes where chilled water is required, or can be used in villas, restaurants, hotels, institutions, schools, factories, etc. The event space provides comfort in the air conditioning area.

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Vietnam Shenfeng Electromechanical Co., Ltd. supplies Taiwan's Kuenling Chiller industrial air-cooled and screw-type chillers. The suppliers sell at low prices and the equipment quality is good. Contact us if you need it.

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