Central Air-conditioning

  • York Commercial Central Air-conditioning Company

    York Commercial Central Air-conditioning Company

    York commercial central air conditioning uses the principle of liquid vaporization refrigeration to provide the required cooling capacity for the air conditioning system to offset the cooling load of the indoor environment; the heating system provides the air conditioning system with heat to offset the thermal load of the indoor environment.

    The cooling effect of York Central Air Conditioning is very good, greatly reducing the temperature of the home. The central air conditioning in York is very beautiful and beautiful to install at home.

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  • American York Central Air-conditioning

    American York Central Air-conditioning

    The high-efficiency DC inverter EVI compressor significantly improves the heating capacity in low temperature environments.

    Extraordinary ultra-low temperature heating capacity, higher heating capacity and higher heating efficiency.

    Wide operating range, stable operating temperature of -27 ° C ~ 48 ° C throughout the year, to adapt to the climate of most parts of the country. Whether it is cold or hot, it can run stably and provide users with a comfortable air-conditioning experience.

    Pre-defrost technology, heating and worry-free, to ensure stable operation of winter heating, to provide stable and constant hot water indoors.

    Versatility: York Central Air Conditioning Host can connect indoor unit, floor heating and heat sink according to customer needs to meet different needs.

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  • McQuay Central Air-conditioning

    McQuay Central Air-conditioning

    ■ Ultra-quiet operation

    The indoor unit adopts a high-efficiency wide impeller forward multi-blade centrifugal fan with low speed, large air volume and low noise. The lowest noise value is only 26dB (A).

    ■ Flexible application

    Ultra-thin body, concealed installation is convenient and flexible, saving space.

    Two standard control units are available for left and right take-over, which greatly facilitates the construction site. Each indoor unit is designed with four static pressure values to meet different needs of customers.

    ■Auxiliary electric heating (optional)

    For colder areas in the north, indoor units can be built with efficient and safe PTC auxiliary electric heating elements, and can also be equipped with external electric heating boxes or external heat.

    The water coil box is used for heating.

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  • Heating And Ventilation Engineering

    Heating And Ventilation Engineering

    The work of the HVAC project is mainly for heating and air conditioning and ventilation projects in construction projects. Specifically, it includes heating, ventilation, exhaust, air, smoke, air conditioning, cooling and other types of work. Including: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, three aspects, functionally an integral part of the building. It is also an indispensable part of the future family.

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  • American Trane Central Air-conditioning Company

    American Trane Central Air-conditioning Company

    Advantages of Trane Central Air Conditioning in the United States

      Beautiful atmosphere

      save space

      Comfortable and precise temperature control

      Energy saving and low cost of use

      Quiet operation

      Long time to use

      20 years of US Trane air conditioning maintenance experience precipitation

      Provide the most professional central air conditioning installation and maintenance design engineering services.

      We have 20 years of experience in the installation of air conditioning engineering in the United States, with over 200 cooperative customers. The professional technical team provides you with one-stop service for installation, maintenance and repair.

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  • Professional Central Air-conditioning Installtion Company

    Professional Central Air-conditioning Installtion Company

    Jiangsu Shenfan Electric Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. is a professional central air-conditioning installation company with a complete service system, providing one-stop service, no subcontracting, and resolutely guarantee the quality of the project. At the same time, we have our own labor service company and construction and installation service team, which responds quickly and 24 hours, provides powerful technical support, and completely solves the worries of customers.

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  • Trane Commercial Central Air-conditioning

    Trane Commercial Central Air-conditioning

    Energy efficient

    Trane Commercial Central Air Conditioning has an excellent energy efficiency ratio in the industry, exceeding the national first-class energy efficiency standards, IPLV up to 4.5.

    Low noise mute

    The outdoor unit of the Trane commercial central air conditioner uses an optimized design of the condensing fan blades and the air guiding ring to achieve a clear mute effect. The indoor unit is quietly designed to create a quiet indoor environment.

    Advanced control

    The temperature is adjusted by overheating and undercooling. Adopt 180° sine wave DC frequency conversion technology to reduce compressor vibration, save energy and reduce noise; prevent compressor demagnetization and prolong service life.

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  • Quotation Of Central Air-conditioning Installation

    Quotation Of Central Air-conditioning Installation

    pre-sale service:

    Professional technical engineer telephone call back

    For your needs, combine years of experience, provide you with initial equipment selection, engineering solutions, quotations, etc.

    Engineers come to the door to communicate needs

    Visit your door in person to get to know your needs and provide you with professional engineering services.

    Project manager planning project plan

    Provide you with comprehensive solutions for the entire complete profitability design, equipment selection, consumables accounting, etc.

    After-sales service commitment:

    Listen to your call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and provide services such as repair and consultation.

    Respond to an on-site service within 60 minutes

    The service is in place within 12 hours in the urban area, the service is available within 24 hours in the suburbs, and the service is available within 48 hours in the outer suburbs.

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  • Central Air-conditioning Installtion Engineering

    Central Air-conditioning Installtion Engineering

    21 years of experience, we are more professional in central air conditioning installation engineering:

    Registered capital of 10 million, annual project performance of over 20 million;

    200 large-scale factory central air-conditioning installation engineering suppliers, Duracell 17-year quality suppliers, Nokia 15 years of integrity suppliers;

    Rich on-site management experience, construction safety, personnel safety, and equipment safety are more secure:

    30-person construction technician team with a minimum of 15 years of on-site management experience;

    90% of the company's cooperative customers are foreign-funded factories, and the construction quality of central air-conditioning installation projects can meet the stringent requirements of foreign-funded factories.

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