Air Compressor

  • Screw Air Compressor

    Screw Air Compressor

    Dedicated rotor profiles provide excellent functionality for each type of handpiece;

    Robust axial and radial bearings for longer life;

    Eliminate leaks in critical areas with triple shaft seals;

    Wear-resistant bushings with O-ring seals that are precision hardened and grounded for high serviceability;

    Each product has world-class performance and efficiency, generating a large displacement with less motor power.

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  • Fusheng Srew Air Compressor

    Fusheng Srew Air Compressor

    • Belt drive, Fusheng screw air compressor can maintain a constant belt tension in every stage of operation

    • Horizontal arrangement, compact cabinet and small footprint

    • New horizontal oil and gas separation barrels are equipped with special baffles, and the compressed air outlet has a lower oil content <3ppm

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  • AS Series Silent Piston Type Air Compressor

    AS Series Silent Piston Type Air Compressor

    The silent piston air compressor is used for general power air source instead of oil-lubricated air compressor.

    Particularly suitable for medical, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, pharmaceutical, food and beverage processing, post and telecommunications, petrochemical, electronic pneumatic instruments, spray sandblasting, powder and granular gas transport, air mixing, film sensitization, construction engineering, materials, national defense research, etc. Used in departments that require high quality oil-free compressed air.

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  • Fusheng VFW Series Air Compressor

    Fusheng VFW Series Air Compressor

    1. Fusheng VFW series air compressors include screw compressors, refrigerating dryers, precision filters, gas storage tanks and other components.

    2. After the air is integrated into the system, the air quality is significantly optimized to meet the process needs of each enterprise.

    3. Space saving, compact compressed air system.

    4. Complete system, no additional drying system, no connection piping installation costs.

    5. Easy to use, flexible and lightweight, users can use high-quality compressed air when connected to the power supply.

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  • SA15-37 Series First Class Energy Efficiency Air Compressor

    SA15-37 Series First Class Energy Efficiency Air Compressor

    The first-class energy-efficient air compressor is a high-quality air compressor with higher requirements, less energy consumption and more environmental protection according to national standards. It is characterized by high quality, rich high-end technical content, super-pure craftsmanship, and the highest requirements of national standards with the comprehensive strength of the company.

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  • Air Compressor Special For The Outdoor Engineering

    Air Compressor Special For The Outdoor Engineering

    The outdoor screw air compressor is ideal for air compressors in outdoor environments such as outdoor construction, tunnel excavation, bridge construction, shipbuilding, coal mine dusting operations, ore loading and unloading.

    It has rainproof, waterproof and dustproof design, and considers the use of humid environment, dusty environment, low temperature environment and vibration environment. It is especially suitable for the environment where the air compressor work site cannot be installed due to space constraints.

    It can operate freely under the harsh working conditions in the field to ensure the smooth operation of the project.

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  • Fusheng Piston Type Air Compressor

    Fusheng Piston Type Air Compressor

    Low speed design, quieter operation and longer life;

    Reed valve design, higher efficiency;

    The air filter core is made of imported filter paper, which has good filtering and sound-absorbing effect and is durable;

    The piston ring is made of Japanese Riken ring and is durable and oil-free.

    The respirator channel adopts a labyrinth structure to ensure no oil;

    The moving parts are precisely balanced, running smoothly and with low noise;

    The check valve spool adopts a new composite material to ensure no air leakage;

    The fan wheel adopts the patented technology of Zhejiang University, and the cooling effect is better.

    Piston air compressors have low price, good repairability, large selectivity, and are still widely used.

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  • Fusheng Mining Anti-explosion Air Compressor

    Fusheng Mining Anti-explosion Air Compressor

    Explosion-proof air compressors are special equipment, which are often used in chemical industry and inflammable and explosive special places to ensure safe and stable operation of the unit. Explosion-proof air compressors have a wide range of refrigeration and can be customized according to customer requirements. All components of the explosion-proof air compressor are manufactured according to national explosion-proof standards.

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  • 3-5KG Low Pressure Air Compressor

    3-5KG Low Pressure Air Compressor

    The pressure range of the low-pressure air compressor is 0.3MPa-0.5MPa. Because of its low pressure, it is larger than the ordinary screw-type air compressor under the same power, and it belongs to the energy-saving air compressor.

    Low-pressure air compressors are characterized by high efficiency, low speed, low noise, low energy consumption, low maintenance cost, optimum reliability and service life.

    Low-pressure air compressors are suitable for industries with low gas pressures such as textiles, cement and glass.

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Vietnam Shenfeng Electromechanical Co., Ltd. sells Fusheng outdoor mining air compressor. The manufacturer supply models have oil-free piston type, movable type, Permanent Magnetic Variable Frequency , silent air compressor.

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