Briefly describe how to check the quality status of a clean room after it is completed


The quality of the clean room is directly related to the operation of the entire workshop. If the quality of the workshop is to be improved, the design and decoration of the workshop must meet the requirements. The engineering quality of the workshop is very good. However, many people put the workshop directly into use after the completion of the workshop. In fact, after the completion of the workshop, we need to carry out inspections. The following small series will come to share with you what you need to do after the completion of the workshop to verify its quality.


When we are testing the entire clean room project, the tightness of the workshop, the sound insulation effect, and the pressure state in the room are all areas where we need to focus on testing. Only the clean room of the clean room can ensure the stability of the air pressure in the room. Thereby, the problem of air pressure difference inside the workshop can be avoided, and the outside air enters the environment of the contaminated workshop in the workshop. Of course, the appearance of the shop besides the performance and functionality of the shop is still very important. It is also a point we need to pay attention to to verify that a firm, aesthetically pleasing workshop is installed.


In the general workshop, some anti-static equipment will be installed. Once static electricity is present inside the workshop, small products will affect the production of the products, and large electrostatic ignition products will cause fires. Therefore, the installation of anti-static equipment in the workshop can ensure the safety of the clean room staff while ensuring the quality of the products. By detecting the air filtration capacity and constant temperature and humidity capacity, we can effectively control the generation and purification of dust particle factors, and maintain the constant temperature and humidity state in the room.

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