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  • 12-08-2019

    What does the electromechanical installation company do?

    This type of company refers to the general contracting enterprise of mechanical and electrical installation engineering construction, and the qualification of mechanical and electrical installation engineering construction general contracting enterprise is divided into first-class and second-level.

  • 12-08-2019

    Briefly describe how to check the quality status of a clean room after it is completed

    The quality of the clean room is directly related to the operation of the entire workshop. If the quality of the workshop is to be improved, the design and decoration of the workshop must meet the requirements.

  • 12-08-2019

    What are the electromechanical installations? Does it include hydropower installation of the building?

    The first, electrical engineering - strong electricity system (power, lighting) weak electricity system (telecom, television, alarm, intelligence).

  • 06-01-2020

    Loss of exhaust volume of screw air compressor

    Screw air compressors often experience various exhaust volume loss problems during use. What is the reason for this? Now I will explain the exhaust loss of screw air compressor in detail for everyone. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

  • 31-12-2019

    Selection precautions and application areas of pure water equipment

    In fact, pure water equipment can be seen in all walks of life. Choosing a set of pure water equipment will involve many aspects, so how to choose pure water equipment? What fields can pure water equipment be used for? Today I will Let me introduce you in detail.

  • 28-12-2019

    Method for reducing noise of closed cooling tower

    With everyone's improvement of the quality of life, closed cooling towers are slowly being widely used, and noise pollution has become an urgent problem. Many factories have begun to find ways to reduce the noise caused by cooling towers. So, how can we reduce the noise of closed cooling towers? Today we will take a look at the methods of reducing the noise of closed cooling towers.

  • 17-12-2019

    Selection method of industrial chiller

    Industrial chiller can be applied in different industries, and different industries have different requirements for industrial chiller. So how should different industries choose industrial chiller? Now I will introduce the selection method of industrial chiller for everyone.

  • 06-12-2019

    Factors affecting pumping speed of water ring vacuum pump and precautions for pipeline installation

    With the development of industry, water ring vacuum pumps are increasingly used by users, but some problems still need attention. Such as pumping speed and pipeline installation problems. The following are the factors affecting the pumping speed of water ring vacuum pumps and precautions for piping installation.

  • 30-11-2019

    Summary of advantages and disadvantages of frequency conversion air compressor

    Frequency conversion air compressor is a kind of rotary motion machine, which is suitable for direct drag of industrial steam turbine or gas turbine. For general large-scale chemical plants, the by-product steam drives industrial steam turbines as power, which provides the possibility for comprehensive utilization of heat energy. However, any kind of machine is not perfect, and the frequency conversion air compressor also has advantages and disadvantages. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the frequency conversion air compressor together.

  • 22-11-2019

    FRP cooling tower advantages and usage considerations

    The FRP cooling tower is a cooling device that sprays circulating cooling water into the packing body to make it directly in contact with the air, and dissipates the carried heat to the atmosphere through evaporation and convection. Let me talk about the reasons and precautions for the popularity of FRP cooling towers. I hope to help everyone.

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